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SQL Configuration

Use these settings to connect to your SQL database remotely in a same local network.

Click start > Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (2008 or 2012…) > Configuration tools >SQL Server Configuration Manager 

sql 1

In this window ensure that SQL Server Services :

  • SQL Server Browser 

are running.

sql 4

Then double click on SQL Server Network Configuration > Protocols for SQLEXPRESS 


Click on TCP/IP (Enable it if it isn’t enabled)

sql 8


sql 9

Ensure that all IP addresses are enabled (IP1 to IP All) and enter port as 1433.

Now Open SQL Server Surface Area Configuration 

sql 2


Click on the Option highlighted in below picture :


sql 10


Over here ensure that both TCP/IP and named pipes connections are enabled….

sql 11

This is do the job for you.

sql 15