Android Expandable Listview 02

Android – How to create Expandable ListView

In this post we will see how we can create Android Expandable listview and get name of the selected child. We will create a simple Year and Movies LinkedHaspMap object and use it to fill our Android Exapandable listview. So let’s begin. Android Expandable Listview Source code download. First, please download following icons from IconFinder: […]

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Android How to Scroll ListView Horizontally and Vertically

In this post let’s see how we can scroll Android ListView both Horizontally and Vertically. For making Android Listview Horizontal scroll possible we can use “HorizontalScrollView”. Let’s see how we can implement HorizontalScrollView to make our Android Listview scroll in both directions i.e. Horizontally as well as Vertically.  Android How to Scroll ListView Horizontally […]

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