Windows Activate IIS server on your PC

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Every windows system comes with IIS server installed. In this post we will see how you can activate and set up your IIS server to Host a ASP.NET Website.iis server windows setup  Windows Activate IIS server on your PC

Step-by-Step guide to Activate/Set Up IIS Server on Windows:

Steps to Activate IIS server on your Windows Server.

Step 1 :

Open up Windows Control Panel.

iis server windows setup 01

Open Control Panel > Select Programs and Features

Step 2 :

In Control Panel > in the left hand side panel > Select > Turn Windows features on or off.

iis server windows setup 02

Select Turn Widows Features On or Off

Step 3 :

Pop-Up window will come up. Now select Internet Information services option and also  select all the Options under this node.All.

iis server windows setup 03

Expand the Internet Information Services Node and select all the child options

Step 4 :

This will activate IIS server on your Windows System.

iis server windows setup 04

Search for IIS. Option will come up, select IIS manager. IIS interface will open up.


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