Android Battery Life Tips

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Here are some tips which will surely give your android battery some extra life

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1. See what’s draining your phone’s power :

Go to settings>Battery>Battery use.
Here you can see which application is using your phone’s battery power. Usually Display is at the top.
From here you can get a fair idea of what to turn off to save your phone power.


2. Turn off Auto-Update :

Letting your apps update is a good idea to make most out of it. But it could be sometimes consuming your phone’s power when you are running out-of-power. As every time you turn your Wi-Fi ON or your phone’s data connection ON, it will check for the list of apps which could be updated and started updating without letting you know and consuming your phone’s battery. So it’s a good idea to turn it off.
Go to Playstore> Settings> Auto-Update apps and select Do not auto-update apps.
You can manually auto-update your apps from Playstore.


3. Turn off unnecessary things:

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS are the most important hardware of a smartphone which makes it smart from a feature phone. But letting them work all day long is not good for battery performance. Apps using these features turns on even though it’s sometimes not required. There are lots of applications which runs in the background and uses GPS of your phone and at the end killing battery performance. So its a good idea to turn off these feature when not required.


4. Don’t use live wallpapers and turn off your transition animation :

Live wallpapers are cool feature of your android device. They look good and provides a totally different experience from a static wallpaper. But they require power to run like other applications and games. Setting a live wallpaper is not good for battery performance. Also turn off your screen transitions effects to maximize your phone’s battery performance.

5. Turn off Auto-Brightness and minimize your display timeout:

Screen uses most of your battery’s power. Letting it adjust automatically is a good idea. There are light sensors which adjust your screen’s brightness according to the surrounding light level. But it might be consuming your phone’s power. You will be surprised to see a boast in battery performance if you turn if off. And also you should select your display timeout to a minimal level.

6. Kill background applications :

There are lots of applications which run in the background and consume your battery power. Some of these uses GPS of your phone and some uses data connections (Wifi or Cellular network). So kill them when not required.

7. The network issue :

Keep an eye on the signal strength your phone is receiving in different situations. Low signal reception means more power consumed. Switching between 2G/3G/4G helps in improving your phone’s battery performance.

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