Meet the Smartest Suitcase the World Has Ever Seen

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Space Case 1 – The Smartest Suitcase the World Has Ever Seen


The Space case 1 may the best suitcase you’ve ever seen . It has features like Fingerprint Opening, Global Tracker, Lift-less Self Weighing Scale, Speakerphone and Power Bank. The space case 1 is presently raising money on Kickstarter.
You can use Android or iPhone app to open the case or simply use the fingerprint scanner on it to unlock the case.
The suitcase is linked with the tracker to maintain the record of the places you visited. You will have to never worry about over overweight. The smart case 1 has a digital weight scale which measure the weight of your things.
It also has 3 ports to charge your mobile devices. Also a premium Bluetooth speaker which can integrate with your smartphone.


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