Pita bread and a simple setup to hack Laptop

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pita bread

pita bread

The researchers at Tel Aviv University have figured out a new way to hack into any Laptops enabling to steal your password wirelessly within few seconds with a radio receiver and a bread. The Researchers used the electromagnetic waves emitted by laptop to extract the secret decryption pattern from laptop computers. They were successful in extracting keys from laptops of different models running GnuPG (popular open source encryption software, implementing the OpenPGP standard), within seconds.
The trick is, our laptop uses secret patterns and encryption alogrithms to protect our data but can be easily fooled when sent encrypted passages of information.
And when these information or data is recieved, the process of decrypting the information starts on the target computer and this causes the change in the electomagnetic field surrounding the laptop according to the pattern used for the decryting process. The secret key can be deduced from these fluctuations, through the setup shown in the image above.



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