Getting started with Android Studio

android studio logo

Getting started with Android Studio
Android Studio is a development tool which you can use to make your own customize android apps.


android studio logo

android studio logo

Its available for free. You can download it using this link :

Android Studio Download

Its about 800-850 MBs in size.

After downloading, you will be required to install JAVA on your PC.

If you have already installed than no worries 🙂 🙂 . If you haven’t, use this link to download it
Java download

And install java on your system.

Now run the  <AndroidStudio.exe> file and install it.

After installing start android studio.

At first time this screen might appear.

component downloading

component downloading1

Making the first Project
When you first time run the android studio, you will be welcomed by this screen

Android Studio welcome screen

Android Studio welcome screen

I will not start with making the application directly…instead you can click on Configure
When clicking on Configure you will see see the first option of SDK manager click on it
SDK manager will open up.

sdk manager

sdk manager

Here you can find all android packages and build tools installed on your system.
You can additionally download specific versions of android from here, according to your need.

Scroll down in SDK manager, you will find Extras
In extras please download Android Support Repository and Android Support Library , if it is not already downloaded, as they are important for android projects.


Coming back, now click on Start a New Android Studio Project and give Application name and Company domain and Package name as following





Click next and select Blank Activity



Don’t change the Activity name, keep it MainActivity only.
And Click finish.

step 13

step 14

Your first project is ready you can run it now. 🙂 🙂

Now lets see the project structure of the hello world application.

This is the initial structure of your project :

my 1

The file activity_main.xml (res>layout>activity_main.xml) is the designer file or you can say the layout out file of your application.
It is basically the designer of your application.

In this file you will have to define all your views like TextView, Buttons, EditText and others.
You can further more add new xml files if you wish to and give its link in the file.

The file (its under java folder) is the programmer file or you can say the coder of your application.

All the coding stuff is done over here in this file.

The file menu_main.xml [its in res>menu>menu_main.xml] is the option file of your application.

All the Menu (options) like Settings is defined in this file.

The file AndroidManifest.xml [its in app>manifests>AndroidManifest.xml] is the boss file of your application.

All the permission granting like Reading and Modification of storage, Using Hardware like Camera, Bluetooth,etc., Getting the Internet Access for your application is done in this file.
Further more for each activity made under java folder (.java) should be declared in this file.
Also the icons, themes your application will be using, the labels of activities and services should be used here.

Basically if you to add something new in your application, inform it to AndroidManifest file 😉 🙂

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