Android Application Development – A list of useful Posts

Android Application development :

Below are some of my blog post which are regarding complete Android application development in itself. See these posts to make a completely working applications by yourself. Some post are with source code downloads and some are just with code itself. But they are complete don’t worry. You will be able to develop fulling working applications.

Some are dialer  application, File copying, Notepad creating, Playing audio, Login and etc.

So here’s the list of Android applications :

Ever wondered how your Dialer application makes calls to your friends and people in phonebook? See this post to make a Android dialer application by yourself. Enjoy!

Teach yourself how to create Android widgets and add it to your homescreen.

Wanna make Pie-charts in Android applications. See this post.

Make android application play your song. See How to play audio files in Android applications.

Ever wondered How Google now lady reads the text out for you? See this post on Android Text-To-Speech engine.

Wanna make a attractive looking Android datetime picker, this post is all you need.

Wanna make a simple Quiz game on Android platform, see this post on Android Game Development – Quiz game.

Create your own Awesome looking Notepad application in Android and start saving your personal notes in your own made application today. Feel Good.

Make a Login application in Android using MS SQL server. And begin your journey on creating enterprise level applications for Android. It’s complicated.

Make a new file in your desktop or laptop Hard disk, using Samba file sharing in Android. See this post.

Make a simple yet cool looking application that will display time for you. Android Simple clock Application for you.

Copy your Phone contents on your PC or Laptop using this Android code. Waring : It’s quite confusing.

Please don’t copy these codes and publish it on other website. I provide these codes for free for knowledge purposes. Instead share this post with your friends. That will be helpful 🙂 .

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