Android Swipe Views with Tabs

Android Swipe Views with Tabs (Custom Designs and Color) Android Navigation tabs with swipe wipe and design This post is about making Android Navigation tabs with dynamic colors. First create a new application in android studio with name AndroidTabActivity Make a new layout file in res > layout > folder with name tabparent.xml and edit […]

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Android Clock Application

Android Clock Application In this post I will start directly with the process of modifying the application we created in the Getting Started Part. This application will be simple android application which will display Clock with Analog and display clock. Open your activity_main.xml [res> layout> activity_main.xml] and edit it as following Here I am making […]

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Getting started with Android Studio

  Getting started with Android Studio Android Studio is a development tool which you can use to make your own customize android apps.   Its available for free. You can download it using this link : Android Studio Download Its about 800-850 MBs in size. After downloading, you will be required to install JAVA on your PC. […]

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